I hear many of you ask out there, “whats a coachalite?”

A coachalite is the juxtaposition and fusing of two great concepts.

A coach and a socialite!

Everybody knows what a coach is and what they do -they instruct, train and transfer their knowledge & wisdom of a sport to their teams and players.

The term socialite now embodies a certain notoriety with such D list celebrities acting rudely and abhorrently. (not mentioning any names – Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan)

But what it truly symbolizes is a person who participates in social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained in a sensible and responsible fashion!

But how do the two entwine?

The association has started with the fizzling out of the good old boy coaches network, and the uprising of the know-it-all whipper snappers, with their gelled hair and budget three quarter length pants. This advancement and evolution has produced a third group of coaches. That group is manned by an elite few,  that are uncommonly known as  ‘coachalites’

To define a coachalite is not simple, it is a fusion of two ideas in which the individual excels as both a coach & a socialite.

As a coach the individual is focused & knowledgeable, like most coaches within their field. However the distinction lie’s within their respect for the older generation of coaches, & their disdain towards the arrogant contemporary coaches that are coming through.

In order to add the second phase, the ending term of ‘alite’. One  is required to occupy a set of very important and essential traits. Those are as followed,

  • Humor (commonly known as “BANTER”) the most important element of the social component.
  • An affection for the occasional tipple, while conversing about important world news events, like the premiership results, transfer gossips & champions league draws.
  • An appreciation of the opposite sex – purely to enhance their knowledge of the beautiful game?!?!

Although this is a guideline, there is enough information here to help you figure out which category you lye in. Furthermore, it gives you distinct areas in which to improve on. In order to achieve optimum levels of coaching & socializing.

Premier examples of ‘coachalites’ within the sporting world are as follows.

  • Ian Holloway (Blackpool soccer coach)
  • Chris Kamara ( EX stoke and Bradford soccer coach)
  • Rex Ryan (N.Y. Jets American Football coach)
  • Peter Reid (Plymouth soccer coach)
  • Shayne Warne (Rajasthan Royals cricket coach)
  • Gary Curneen (Wingate womens soccer coach)
  • Harry Redknapp (Tottenham Hotspur soccer coach)

Are you a coachalite???,,,


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