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Spoilt kids in US soccer.

Today’s generation of kids are so mentally weak and soft, it is a wonder how they function and survive.

Pampered, indulged & spoiled this generation have all their needs entertained & met

The main cause of this derives from parents, fussing and cajoling over their kids every need and desire.

This behavior is most evident amongst youth soccer players within America. A working class sport everywhere in the world, where individuals place jumpers for goal posts, and play huge games over areas with no perceived boundaries or markers. Yet in the US FOOTBALL has been turned into a bourgeois and pompous upper class sport.

Expensive fees to join clubs and teams, pricey equipment such as jerseys and boots, and over priced individual training sessions to accommodate the wishes of over bearing parents. Are a few factors that contribute to this dilemma.

Hard working, tough nosed, working class kids are lost to the cheaper more accessible basketball courts and grid iron fields. Soccer looses the determined, resilient, tenacious & uncompromising athletes, but retains the affluent, bratty & impudent youngsters.

America has some of the greatest athletes in the world, yet none of them play soccer.

  • Micheal Jordan
  • Jerry Rice
  • Barry Sanders
  • Jesse Owens
  • Joe Montana
  • Mike Tyson
  • Andre Agassi

Current stars

  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Micheal Vick
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Micheal Phelps
  • Dwayne Wade
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Lebron James
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Reggie Bush

Parents who overindulge or spoil their kids, leave them unprepared & with a low tolerance for stress. Spoiled athletes make poor competitors because they truly can’t tolerate the stresses of competition. Life has been too easy for them to build any emotional strength and resiliency.

And soccer is full of them, and it starts at a very young age.

An overprotected individual has had life to easy! Daily encounters with “environmental yeses” stemming from parent’s create weaknesses.

Never coming across no, presents a lack of confrontation or investigation. Hence, when an individual affronts the barrage of noes during a competition, they will find the stimulant to challenge this out of reach and too threatening.

This current generation of youth soccer players, College soccer players & even top level professionals within US Soccer. Have been groomed and served by parents who have built them up to believe the sun shines out of their backside! – attributed with an arsenal of superiority and a unrealistic view of their ability. This group refuses to listen, finds difficulty with instructions, & ultimately falls short when confronted by challenge!


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From Ball boy to Captain to Coach – The Barca Fairytale

Josep Guardiola, the current head coach at famed Spanish giants Barcelona is one of the worlds greatest coaches. A deep thinker, hard worker, honest, intelligent and a tough individual. Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola’s tenure at Barcelona has seen a plethora of major titles.

  • 2009/10 League
  • 2009/10 World Club Cup
  • 2009/10 European Supercup
  • 2009/10 Spanish Supercup
  • 2008/09 Champions League

Pep is a Catalonian through and through, he was signed by the spanish giants at the tender age of thirteen and ascended up the ranks until he made his first team debut aged just nineteen in 1990.

A great picture in the Daily Mail newspaper shows a young Pep Guardiola celebrating amidst the players, and then coach Terry Venables (raised aloft).

Guardiola was submerged within the culture of Barcelona at a very young age, by spending almost all his playing and coaching career with the club, ‘Pep’ has be able to nourish and promote the style, flair and history that the club emits.

Guardiola as a ball boy celebrating a Barca triumph

During the legendary Barca side created by Johan Cruyff in the 90’s, Pep was the only Catalonian in the side. Under Cruyff’s regime of ‘total football’, Cruyff was able to produce arguably one of the greatest teams ever.

Pep aged just 20 anchored the midfield and snuffed out any threats by the opposing team.

Cruyff had assembled a side of masters. With a young, yet hardened & demure Guardiola patrolling in midfield.

  • Koeman
  • Stoichkov
  • Romario
  • Laudrup
  • Nadal
  • Zubizarreta
  • & then later Romanian Hagi

Present England Coach Fabio Capello who coached Pep briefly at Roma declared,

‘At his peak, Guardiola was one of the quickest thinkers on the field. He was a true leader. He was calm, always had the right words at the appropriate moment. There are a lot of players who talk a lot and say nothing. Guardiola would find the right things to say’


Pep continued to flourish under the nurturing style of English man Bobby Robson, who described Guardiola as

‘ an extraordinary player – intelligent, clever, he knew the game, and he had an exquisite pass, precise, accurate. He never lost the ball.’


A fine testament there for Guardiola, by one of the games greatest footballing men. Yet statements like those above come accustom when discussing Guardiola. A strong & fiercesome competitor with exceptional vision and technique. It seemed natural that the next progression would be straight into full-time coaching. Once Guardiola took the step, the transition was one of ease & success.

After retiring Pep spent a short time coaching the Barca b squad,but in May of 2008 the Barca president announced that Guardiola would succeed Dutchman Frank Rijkaard at the helm of the Catalan giants.

However, even with such pedigree, Guardiola had his doubters. At the time Pep’s appointment was seen as a huge gamble by the club & President Juan Laporta

Shockingly to some, Guardiola won the treble in his first season. The la liga, copa del ray & the EUFA Champions League. In the process becoming the youngest manager ever to win the Champions league.

But what made this feet so great was the way it was undertaken. Pep understood the style of play Barca needed to produce. And found the balance between the spectacle of Barca as a club, and that of serious footballing business.

And with that being said, Pep transferred lavish stars from his playing staff, such as

  • Zambrotta
  • Ronaldinho
  • Deco
  • Thuram
  • Dos Santos
  • Edmilson
  • Eto (The following season)
  • Ibrahimovic

Bringing in players like

  • Alves
  • Busquettes
  • Pique
  • Keita
  • Villa
  • Mascherano

A meticulous manager, with deep knowledge & great skills of motivation. Guardiola is one of only 6 individuals to have won the Champions League as a player and coach. Furthermore, Guardiola is only the third individual in Barca history to win the spanish league as a manager having previously done so as a player.

It seems the ball boy who became captain, who became coach, was not a gamble, but a decision that seemed destined and now rightly justified.

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