All time best 11 – non footballers

Here is my all star non footballing dream team of athletes.

Iv gone with a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Ill start at the back with my goalkeeper, only the greatest basketballer ever! Guaranteed to have brilliant agility, exceptional ball handling skills. Micheal Jordan, probably better than Yashin, Schmeichel, Buffon, Banks ect. Would have been a great goal keeper.

Across the back four

My two center halves are imposing and strong, and would fill the most experienced and hardened forwards with fear. Muhammad Ali and New Orleans Tight end Jeremy Shockey.

Ali, would be my ball player, tidy, skillful, composed – similar to brazilian lucio. Shockey is the brick wall, hard, tough, aggressive and an AMAZING tackler. (not American football tackling). Two solid defenders with height, speed, aggression and power! A pairing not to be messed with

My other full back is Reggie Bush, my second American Footballer in the squad. An athlete with lightning pace and amazing strength. He will smash through tackles, win the ball in every situation, and help in attack with his rapid speed. A Julian Dicks with bags full of speed.

The right full back is American Lance Armstrong, he will be without his bike!!! i imagine Lance to never stop moving, the engine of the team, encouraging and battling till the very end. Probably the vice-captain of the team, strong willed & focused a formidable opponent. Not as technically gifted as other full backs out there, but a great defender and a true winner. Comparable to a Nobby Styles or Dennis Irwin

i have Usain Bolt as my winger, the quickest man in the world, id expect Bolt to be a marauding up and down the flank, devastating opposing defenders with his lightning speed and skill. Great height and strength i can imagine Usain notching a few goals at the back stick.

Big roger Federer would be on my opposite wing,the tennis legend would be a master on the flank. Great technique and control, the Swiss would be a constant attacking threat. A cool calm and calculated individual, Roger would be the skipper of the team.  A level headed, mature and humble man. A winner and natural leader!

Two midfielders would be formula 1 legend Schumacher, the German would be my Beckenbaur in midfield. Methodical, meticulous spraying passes all over the park.The second would be rugby star Johnny Wilkinson, a pure machine with an engine to go from box to box. Wilkinson would be tough and strong in the tackle, breaking up opposition attacks! while being able to set up attacks with his wide range of passing, a set piece specialist with England’s extra points & drop kicks – i see Wilkinson causing havoc for opposing defenses with his dead ball skills.

My tricky attacking midfielder joining up with the front man, is Italian jockey Frankie Dettori. The mischievous play maker would weave in out of space, causing problems for the cumbersome defenders. Skillful and elusive he would link up the midfield with attack and add the extra pace and creativity needed in the final third. A play maker, and entertainer this tiny fans favorite would be a modern day Messi.

Finally up top i would have Ian ‘BEEFY’ Botham, the ex England cricket player played professionally with Scunthorpe to keep fit during the off season.  A big charismatic individual, with a work man like attitude and huge heart, would have been the sides prolific scorer. Great size and strength, BEEFY would have been an aerial threat with Wilkinson’s service into the penalty box. A natural talent combined with a sharp sporting brain, would have allowed BEEFY to torture opposing defenders. A great individual that would have gelled the team together, and been the life and soul of the party in the changing room.

A unbelievable team of winners and characters – great talents forming to make the ultimate all time best 11.


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