Rascal Rooney to doubt Ferguson.

As most people know, Wayne Rooney aka “wazza” has decided to exit the gates of Old Trafford and flee Manchester. For reasons he described as a ‘lack of ambition’ & a ‘scarcity of future big name signings’ from the club.

Rooney, bought for a whopping 25.6 million pounds in the summer of 2004 from his boyhood club Everton, was just a fresh faced 18 year old when Ferguson splashed the cash for the blossoming scouser.

Evertonians still have ill feeling towards Rooney over that transfer saga, as it was Rooney who put in the request after that very same club nurtured and developed him, & effectively fostered Rooney into the orbit of premier league football.

After Rooney’s bombshell this week, this very same feeling is edging its way into the Manchester faithful. But does Rooney have a point? or is he blinded by the ‘$’ signs? Is Wayne in the business of winning medals and championships or is he a disloyal money grabber?

Undoubtedly Rooney is a great talent, and his potential is limitless (although right now he isn’t showing it) but does he have a point?Is Ferguson’s reign coming to an end, and are United declining?

Personally i don’t think so, as Ferguson said earlier about the allure of United,

“I can’t see for the life of me why Manchester United won’t be able to attract the best players. There will be a queue from here to Glasgow in terms of players wanting to join Manchester United”

Ferguson’s knack for judging player potential surpasses any manager in the history of the game.

  • Ronaldo
  • Rooney
  • Scholes
  • Giggs
  • Beckham

Are just some of the players that Ferguson has groomed and brought up during his tenure at Old Trafford.

For Rooney to doubt a manager and a club as historic and prestigious as Manchester United, shows why Evertonians should still feel so aggrieved toward the England forward.

The Everton manager David Moyes and fellow Scot Ferguson have more in common than just being compatriots. Both have been scolded by the somewhat treacherous & faithless behavior of whom Ferguson’s calls a

” a one-off and a genius.”

As shocked as Ferguson & the Manchester United supporters may be, what shouldn’t shock them is when United sell Rooney and then build another youthful winning team.

Although United and Rooney seem to go hand in hand, much like Gerrard does with Liverpool and as Fabregas does with Arsenal. Ferguson will take United forward and create a new chapter with new fresh players. This is a testament to Ferguson, who consistently refurbishes and revitalizes teams before the situation arises.

Players that exited United during the height of their powers include

  • Ince
  • Kanchelskis
  • Ronaldo
  • Stam
  • Yorke
  • Heinze
  • Van Nistelrooy
  • Tevez

If Rooney finds his way to Madrid, Chelsea or even the blue side of Manchester,  United fans needn’t worry. Ferguson’s past dealings should provide clarity and confidence to those in doubt over Rooney’s departure.

And regarding Rooney, I still believe him to be one of the great modern day players, as well as one of the best players England have ever produced.

However, as demonstrated in Rooney’s past choices at Everton and now with United, I feel his decision is based of greed & egotism.

There isn’t a way up after leaving United, maybe financially there is. But as far as reputation, prestige, history, success & power go. United are ranked right up there with a rare and select few.

Early Wednesday morning, Ferguson humorously articulated:

“Sometimes you look in a field and you see a cow and you think it’s a better cow than the one you’ve got in your own field. It’s a fact, right, and it never really works out that way. It’s probably the same cow and it’s not as good as your own cow.”

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side postulates Ferguson.

So wherever Rooney ends up, he will be missed! but not for long.


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